The goal of the Music Ministry of Oakland Baptist Church is to enable all persons to worship and  experience the presence of God through congregational singing and the inspiration of choral and instrumental music. Oakland provides a place of service for those whose interest and talents lie in the area of music. Developing the art of music making begins at an early age and continues for a lifetime. Through participation in the Music Ministry, members of our various groups experience spiritual growth through their personal praise, love and devotion to God, increase their musical knowledge and skills, and develop life-long friendships. Our worship services are blessed by the wide variety of music presented by our vocal choirs, handbell choirs, early service band, and instrumentalist. Become a part of our musical family! For more information contact: Rev. Suzanne Ringer at (803)328-3864 or


Music for Adults

Chancel Choir

Oakland’s Chancel Choir provides music at our Traditional worship service (11:00 am) that encompasses the entire musical spectrum. During Christmas and Easter, often the choir sings major works accompanied by orchestra. The Chancel Choir participates in Festival By the Sea and was a founding member of this festival. The choir is a close- knit family that readily opens its arms to new members. The Chancel Choir rehearses on Sunday at 5:45 pm.

Crossroads Band

For our 8:45@OBC service, the music is rehearsed and presented by a group of Oaklanders who are interested in leading contemporary Christian music. Composed of guitarists and singers, this group rehearses each week and provides a wonderful selection of the current Contemporary Christian pieces and upbeat arrangements of hymns. Various skills come into play in providing this style of music to Oakland’s membership. Participation in this group is always welcomed.

Oakland Ringers

The Oakland Ringers is an adult handbell group that participates in worship several times throughout the church year. This group rings five octave of bells and handchimes and participates in yearly handbell festivals. The Oakland Ringers play during the 11:00 am worship. They rehearse on Sundays at 6:45 pm.

Music for Youth

Youth Choir (6th – 12th Graders)

The Youth Choir sing for worship several times during the school year. Their annual participation in the Festival By the Sea, a youth choir festival in Myrtle Beach, is a highlight of the year. This choir was a founding member of this youth choir festival. Many of our teenagers are also highly involved in the chorus or band programs at their schools. The Youth Choir rehearses on Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Jubal Ringers (6th – 12th Graders)

The Jubal Ringers play regularly during the school year and display an advanced understanding of music reading and performance. This group rehearses on Sunday at 4:15 pm.


Music for Children

Children’s Choirs

We offer a music program for our 3 year olds -5th graders called Growing in Grace- All Creation Sings. This special time of music will feature lessons and music with a focus on God’s great creation. Children will have opportunities to learn about our beautiful world through singing, playing instruments, activities and scripture lessons.

Preschool Choir (3-5 year olds): Wednesdays, 6:00PM – 6:40PM

Young Singers (1st – 2nd graders): Wednesdays, 6:00PM – 6:40PM

Young Musicians (3rd-5th graders): Wednesdays, 6:00PM – 6:40PM


Children’s Handbells (3rd-5th Graders)

This is a beginning Handbell Choir. These students develop musical skills and play in worship several times per year. The Children’s Handbells rehearse on Wednesdays at 6:40PM.