Adult Vocal Choir

Oakland’s Chancel Choir sings almost every week in our Traditional worship service (11:00am), providing music that encompasses the entire musical spectrum. During Christmas and Easter, often the choir sings major works accompanied by orchestra. The Chancel Choir participates in Festival by the Sea and was a founding member of this festival. The choir has become a closeknit family that readily opens its arms to new members.

For our Early/Creative Service, the music is rehearsed and presented by a group of Oaklanders who are interested in leading contemporary Christian music. Composed of guitarists and singers, this group rehearses each week and provides a wonderful selection of the current Contemporary Christian pieces and upbeat arrangements of hymns. Various skills come into play in providing this style of music to Oakland’s membership. Participation in this group is always welcomed.

Adult Handbell Choir

Oakland’s music ministry has an adult handbell groups, the Oakland Ringers. This group plays during the 11am worship service regularly.