Here’s a sneak peak into the great things happening Oakland Day School, which are further detailed on the ODS website.  We aspire to help every student personally know the lavish love of God while developing spiritual, social, and cognitive growth. This is achieved by creating a community dedicated to exceptional preschool education and service to God through visible caring for all neighbors.

As a preschool, we have the enormous privilege of meeting children at the beginning, supporting their foundation for learning and loving. By creating environments that foster God’s love and grace, we provide safe places for our students to learn and grow. At the same time, we maintain a level of excellence that mirrors His work through innovative, compelling curriculum to encourage our students’ best.

But our students are not the only ones we are called to serve. We also believe in fully cooperative partnerships with our parents and caregivers. We know that raising children is a mission that can feel daunting at times, and we are here to help share that load. Part of our purpose is to provide practical resources to support caregivers at home, while also
offering opportunities for them to engage with other families throughout the year. We believe authentic relationships help combat the misconception that we are alone in our parenting struggles, while also providing judge-free community for growth.

In addition to empowering those within our walls, our call to action also includes those neighbors who are not directly connected to our school. We believe hearts and homes can flourish when God’s love is grasped in word as well as deed, so we have made philanthropy and community service a significant component of our curriculum, as well as our school-wide programming.

Oakland Day School is a nonprofit preschool serving 1-4 year olds Monday- Friday from 8 AM to 2 PM.