Sundays, April 28 – June 9


During worship we will focus on the unexpected acts of God contained in the book of Acts.  Together we will learn from the unlikely, ironic and surprising stories in the book of Acts.

Sundays, June 16 – July 7

During these summer Sundays, we will celebrate Trinity Sunday, consider our call to be good stewards and celebrate the 69th Anniversary of Oakland Baptist Church.

Sundays, July 14 – August 4

There are stories in the Bible that were there a greatest hits edition, would be included.  And then there are lesser studied texts that are still full of wisdom.  During worship we will explore some of these lesser known, hidden gems.


Sundays, August 11 – September 1
Hebrews 11 introduces us to heroes of the faith, but also to “pillars” we can follow as we strive to live with such utter trust in God. In Hebrews and in Jesus’ teachings in Luke, we will learn how faith empowers us to see the unseen, boldly seek God in the face of opposition, and trust God to accomplish things we can only imagine.